I was speaking with a family member today about job posting site and one of the sites uses Google and/or Social Sign on. I discouraged the use of it and instead encouraged traditional login method i.e. username/email, I am shocked and depressed to let you guys know that they didn't care, I told them that Google login supported by the site explicitly requested full account access which is a big no from me. To which their reply was I use it all the time and it's safe, everyone uses it. (1/2)


After hearing that I died for a moment, I felt very anxious, and disappointed by the current state of our world. We are very connected and are being exploited as we speak even know it or not.
People give up their minds and become slaves by feeding off of constant exploitative marketing and business practices.

Quick Story time:
I was one of the few people who (at the age of 14/15) had access to Facebook and have the first hand experience of being hooked by the algo and exploited.)

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Today was one of the best and worst day in my life.
Best because it opened my eyes to the real world state of users(consooomers) and powerlessness of being on the opposing side.
India has one of the biggest userbase for Google, Tiktok, Facebook, Pubg, etc.

I have no more words to describe my apathy.

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@null0x0 Lo siento I feel it. I really do.
I bristle every time I even hear people - human persons - being referred to as mere 'consumers'. How insulting and degrading! Mere untermenschen for the corporate machine!
Or 'Human resources'. That's another good one. As if we're a mineral or a crop to be mined or farmed.
But please, don't succumb to apathy. It's not all on your shoulders.
You don't need to win the war on your own. Just choose a few battles. Those you can win and make good at.


I agree! I shouldn't get ahead of myself here! I do t wage war but seek understanding, want to vent because I see nowhere else to go and scream by displeasure.

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