@null0x0 Wow. My dude, you are one tough hombre! Your post was 7 hours ago from the time I'm reading it. It is 2am in Chennai and as I write and it is 31!! That is NOT great for me! :-)
Worse, it's wet, so it feels like 38!
And later today (Wednesday 26th) it will be 37 and feel like 44C!
Honestly, I would be begging for someone to shoot me and put me out of my misery.
I just walked downtown. Sunny with some clouds and a nice breeze and I thought it was great too: noon and 12C. T-shirt weather.

No. I've had this body for a few decades now. I've done A/B testing. No it does not get used to it. Not even a little :-(


It will be the same for me with the cold even though that seems like a less of a torture from the heat on our side haha!

@null0x0 Well, I look at it this way:
It's a lot easier for anyone to build a fire vs. an air conditioner :-)
I was transferred to live in Kelowna fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelowna for 7 mos of Torture one Spring and Summer. I lived in the nicest hotel they had and with A/C, but I still hated it the whole time.

@gemlog oh yes, I have heard the same argument from someone else! It was along the lines of it is easier to put on extra cloth than to be in a oven and sweating to death haha!

@null0x0 Because I know you are learning french (and I want to try reading more), I'm not going to convert the links that my new search engine gives me.
I do things to make me read. This week my masto gui is in spanish. Last week it was french, before that german. I confused my desktop so much that synaptic package manager comes up in 3 langs at the same time!


I am on the "how to loose accent and speel an alphabet stage" right now. My sensei was very patient on out first class haha! :ac_apologetic: I just couldn't spell french letters or words correctly jajaja

@null0x0 You do a bunch of phone support too then? Spelling in french doesn't seem to be much better than spelling in english. Spanish seems good. Polish too. And german - but a bit less.

No but I speak with people from places who have varying degrees of accent(eng).

@null0x0 I have two godsons from ethiopia. Happy, happy. Really good skiers (and footballers). Their mom makes sure they get plenty of vitamin D in the winter is all. Mind you, I take it too.
This is NOT a problem for you in TN :-)

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