@fluffy Its a cli utility to control Android phone via ADB.

@null0x0 No, THIS is amazing! Saw this at the supermarket some time back and just HAD to take a pic! Your only 1337 if you have the member card. 😄

@null0x0 WOW that could be a way to control my virtualized devices - better than over VNC 😜

@codiflow oh! How do you setup virtual devices any guides?

@null0x0 just by hand - I used the headless vm from the android developer tools.

@LPS you will definitely find a use for it 😜

@null0x0 I discovered this a few days ago after I wanted to use an old tablet as an ip camera & it works really well.
Unfortunately adb over network uses tcp while wireguard uses udp so I cannot connect on the go...

@vordenken I found out about it when I tried to setup my Old nexus 7 2012 as a webcam haha! It isn't supported on 4.4 build so I will upgrade my Nexus to latest version of Android and then try again.

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