My is beginning to show its age, and now I'm stuck trying to find a relatively new Android phone that is actively supported for .

It is...difficult and slow going so far

@null0x0 never heard of this brand, but the family of devices looks promising! thanks :D

I wanted a 6T but the place I ordered it from was like "oops we're out of stock". meanwhile the north american oneplus website has been out of stock of practically all its phones for weeks.
@evanskaufman @null0x0

@georgia @null0x0 @evanskaufman I just got my wife a 6T a few weeks ago. Didn't have any problems with stock. That said oneplus isn't sold officially here so I was buying from an importer


@SciencePhysicist @georgia @evanskaufman thankfully they have a good presence here and are fairly successful, it will be easy to find good deal after few months.

nice, yeah I considered ordering from the Indian site which is well stocked. its their biggest presence outside China.
@SciencePhysicist @evanskaufman
@georgia @null0x0 @SciencePhysicist @evanskaufman
my new phone got delayed because of the corona crisis I pray you won't have to suffer as I do

@georgia @SciencePhysicist @evanskaufman

The problem with importing stuff to India is that we have the worst customs on the planet. No updates, packages are kept for days before they intimate you and sometimes they loose the package magically.

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