@null0x0 You can't stop math. That law would be a joke. It'll just get ignored.

@danuker you can't stop maths but you can restrict tools and knowledge being shared.

@null0x0 I suppose, to some extent. But how does this law not conflict with the US freedom of speech?

@danuker because it will not directly effect freedom of speech i.e. a enforcing backdoor law doesn't not stop you from ranting about govt or anyone else directly but it allows third parties to monitor you lol.

@null0x0 Oh, I see. So, they could build an end-to-end-encrypted system, but be forced to make the client app phone home in parallel.

@null0x0 This might fit the bill, if you think a phone spying on everything you say " would be highly offensive to a reasonable man." dmlp.org/legal-guide/elements-

@danuker no but they will allow govt agencies to have a backdoor access to the encrypted streams like what they do with Luggages, a key for you and a key for Luggages.

@null0x0 But why do this? Why can't they just make like Facebook and Google, and plop a server in the middle, and not have end-to-end encryption?

@danuker because they can't do it without security issues.

@null0x0 Do you mean the risk of someone hacking Facebook or Google?

If so, how can they keep the "Luggage" key un-copied?

@danuker same issue haha! It's unsafe to have backdoor hence EFF and other organisations are not happy with this.

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