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Imported my first video to your instance .

It was shot in 2016, and I don't have this device anymore as it was damaged during battery swap.

Today was one of the best and worst day in my life.
Best because it opened my eyes to the real world state of users(consooomers) and powerlessness of being on the opposing side.
India has one of the biggest userbase for Google, Tiktok, Facebook, Pubg, etc.

I have no more words to describe my apathy.

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After hearing that I died for a moment, I felt very anxious, and disappointed by the current state of our world. We are very connected and are being exploited as we speak even know it or not.
People give up their minds and become slaves by feeding off of constant exploitative marketing and business practices.

Quick Story time:
I was one of the few people who (at the age of 14/15) had access to Facebook and have the first hand experience of being hooked by the algo and exploited.)

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I was speaking with a family member today about job posting site and one of the sites uses Google and/or Social Sign on. I discouraged the use of it and instead encouraged traditional login method i.e. username/email, I am shocked and depressed to let you guys know that they didn't care, I told them that Google login supported by the site explicitly requested full account access which is a big no from me. To which their reply was I use it all the time and it's safe, everyone uses it. (1/2)

What are your true colors.

Here's where we can contribute to PeerTube v3 and its plans for live streaming, global search, plugins, playlists and improved moderation.

"Once you realize most of society is quite sick & confused & unconscious, you stop using what 'most people' do or think as a measure of what's good or right for you."

If you put content in the footer of your site. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD. DO 👏 NOT 👏 ENABLE 👏 INFINITE 👏 SCROLL 👏 !

So frustrating, you get to the 'bottom' of the page and, *pop* in comes more content while I'm trying to click on something in that footer.


Been getting some great responses to our latest writing prompt. Here are two entries:

Let us know what you've been up to lately. Write up a response to share with our writing community @readwriteas, no sign-up needed:

Sometimes I find myself waking up in midnight crying helpless and holding my pillow, tears won't stop falling from my eyes.

There's a pain in me and it hurts and I don't know why. Feels like this pain is a part of me or maybe am a part of the pain. A far stretched loneliness clouding my vision and I get covered in this darkness of it.

This so relatable to me!

From cues

@Framasoft @Framasoft Have you ever considered placing a small donation link permanently in the side bar or top bar of the Peertube instance? It is free software after all.

This could remind people of the fact that it needs community support to continue and develop. Something not too over bearing but still there.

I have sure that the idea of "the human nature is to be egoistic and individualistic" born of a dozen of boring men who thought:

"well if I am a spoiled mother fucker with my head shove up my own ass, THERE'S no way that's not the human nature, never would that be a lack of my own personality, right?"

is raising funds for a development sprint to advance the feature set of the only TRUE ALTERNATIVE video platform which isn't based on Crypto or Venture Capital.

Whatever you can spare helps:)

You can contribute here:

And.. of course, that's a light thing Microsoft has done bad for the society, compared to other proprietary imposition on fields such Education, Enterprise, enough with your "I want to survive by looking nice to people"

You were, are, and will be a monster and a cancer for society, just wait for your death...

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"Microsoft: we were wrong about open source"


I hope it's just too late, everyone has the right to be wrong, of course, everyone except microsoft.

They don't deserve that, they were, and are still, fucking the Free Software world in the ass by having all commercial laptops/computers installing windows by default, their fucking logo on every keyboard...

Enough, they don't deserve shit, i'm sorry.

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