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We're committed to open source, and where possible federated, alternatives to well known internet services. You don't have to be a customer to use our new micro services.

".us" TLDs don't allow for privacy 😐😐
I guess that rules that out then...

Debugging on is such a pain. My app is crashing (yeah, probably corruption somewhere) but I have no idea where.
Try/catch isn't an option either it seems.

users: is there a way to highlight search, and use a different color for different casing?
ie: foobar and fooBar would highlight 2 different colors when I search for foobar.

Favorite YouTube alternative?

Why is everyone talking about ? Is it xmpp as in jabber? Is there a public server that people are using or something? What am I missing?

I hope new users stick with This is the first outage I can think of in years of using it.

I've not done too much in my life, but is really fun!
I was going to "cheat" and just do this project in but I'm really enjoying the simplicity of flask.

After many years, I finally deleted my account. It's no longer fun and has became a cesspool of politics. Not going to miss it.

What alternatives are there to swarm? I like to track places I visit when out of town (restaurants, parks, etc).
Sharing isn't important, just a record of date/time and place. Maybe category.

⚠️ warning ⚠️ old man rant ahead:
Dear hipster restaurants- toppings go ABOVE the meat on a burger/sandwich, that's why they're called "TOPpings".
Lettuce and tomatoes go on top of the protein.
Thank you.

Any users out there? I'm running myth on Fedora, and after being idle, the front end goes blank with no way to recover. (Have to alt-tab and kill it so not a screensaver).
No rhyme or reason, happens whenever it feels like it, sometimes 5h, sometimes 5 days.
Process is still running, but it's just a black screen.

Are there any non-tech famous people on ?
I'm not really in to Hollywood or politics, just curious about adoption vs twitter.

Anyone tried for ? They claim privacy, and have pretty good prices.

If and are both open source, has anyone hosted it themselves? Or another company maybe?

Thanks for all the responses (such a great community!)
I'm going to look at a few of these. Not sure I want the hassle of managing the hosting myself, emails pretty important, but I've seen mailcow come up a few times.
I'll update in a few weeks hopefully!

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