Notion 4.0.0 already made it into and .

The package is merged (now waiting for the unstable channel to advance) and work for is also underway - stay tuned!

Does your favourite distro have Notion 4.0.0 on the horizon yet?

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Wondering how many actively developed #Wayland compositors there actually are atm? Of course there are #sway, #cage, #wayfire, #Gnome and #KDE. But most other projects seem quite dormant. Am I missing something? #hikari

We are planning to release Notion 4.0.0 in 2 weeks, at 2020-03-17!

is a neat tool to find out what version of an application various distro's are carrying. Hopefully with Notion 4, when we go back from the exotic Ion license to plain , we'll do a lot better there again!

Are there any other projects active on Mastodon? Would be fun to connect, but search is hard :D

"All but the most advanced users did not understand how to manage overlapping windows efficiently."

Via @cypnk

A tiling, tabbed window manager for X11

We're gearing up for Notion 4!

Get it from - new keyboard reference at

Tell us what you think!


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