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This may be your best bet as there are no official links from Microsoft.

If I was to be in your place I would look for a slightly modified ISO from someone who has made the changes public and has an ISO file available for download!

@codeHaiku I am not referring to quality of life improvements on this one but rather debating that abortion is murder whether people like to accept it or not! As such it should be treated as a crime and punished appropriately given that all humans bear the same rights in the US.

Unfortunately many try to deal with the mouse and forget the elephant because they just feel it's easier that route. I am certain that them founding fathers would not be happy with what average americans are doing!

@codeHaiku Can you confirm there have been over 55 million cases of rape and incest to justify that?

I would agree that in the events of rape and incest the victim must be asked to decide and given a right to safe abortion at no more than couple of weeks from the event which can be pinpointed!

Instead of raising their voices for convenience abortion they should probably start demanding free healthcare and education so these teenagers know what they are doing and what the consequences are!

@codeHaiku What exactly are you apologizing for?

People being forced to own up to their actions is not something I would apologize for! US has just touched what other countries have had for decades!

Solution is as simple as one preventing themselves from having unprotected intercourse if a baby doesn't look like something they are ready to deal with!


@geotechland @beardalaxy People should be taught into owning what they do! And instead of wanting to keep convenience abortion legal then have them protest about programs who support parents who happened to be part of such situation or even better have them protest about getting sexual education to mases!

Abortion discussion *trigger warning* 

@ikt @indieishere That gives you no right to judge someone you clearly do not know and furthermore offend their intelligence by cutting short the debate yourself started!

@beardalaxy @geotechland Finally an answer, owner of which used at least 2 brain cells to come up with!

Abortion discussion *trigger warning* 

@ikt @indieishere That that response is rude and offensive!

You engaged on a a conversation so please bring arguments on the table instead of insults!

@wholesomedonut @foxhkron That is why trains suck nowadays! Most companies focus on maintaining what is already built and making revenue rather than invest on better more efficient systems like Japan.

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@rridley That would save so many grandparents from some filthy scammers!

Besides is good to know there are some souls left at Mozilla who are not covered in filth yet!

@abid @HakenTrigger Once Google had an ad for on the front page which led to a and one of my colleagues provided it to costumer as they had to reach google to resolve a technical issue!

Needless to say costumer got scammed 200$ and we had to deal with the consequences!

@MitchellYeager6 That's because they are meant to leave the choice to the user!


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