Starting the new year with remote work, the VPN 2FA wasn't working (it was working 7 months ago), I had to place a support call with the IT contractor. I had to deal with 2 separate techs over 90 minutes to get the issue fixed... 🤷‍♀️

But this gave me the opportunity to set up a 2FA app on my ! The tech wasn't familiar with it of course. When I told him I had a Linux phone, he probably wondered to himself "who the heck is this freak?" 😁

We weren't able to set it up at first... 1/2

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...But that was mostly my mistake. The tech left me a screenshot of the QR code before ending the call. Later I read the (2FA app) readme on its git repo. It was as simple as
1. Read the QR code with
2. Open the link
3. Numberstation automatically opens and is configured automatically.

I will use Numberstation over the next few days, that would remove yet another use for my Android phone.

Thanks to @martijnbraam for these two apps!
2/2 funny, I also set up totp on my new pinephone just this morning. The gnome authenticator app didn't work for me, but Numberstation is producing the same numbers as Aegis so I guess it's fine :-)

That's odd, with Numberstation a fork of gnome-authenticator, I would have assumed both worked the same. I thought the difference was added compatibility with QR code urls sent from Megapixels. ManjaroARM Phosh has both apps preinstalled, but I had removed the GNOME version without trying it.

I didn't know Aegis, I found it on F-droid, cool! Setting it up was as easy as with Numberstation: scan QR code, done.

I'm gonna wait a week or two, but if I have no issues with Numberstation, I'll feel a lot more confident with flashing my Android phone with some flavour of AOSP (probably CrDroid). I refrained from doing so in the past year, because I thought I had to keep the Sophos Authenticator app that the IT shop had me install to connect to my workplace's VPN.

@normandc @dan Aegis does look good. Do you know if anyone has looked at the code? (I don't have the chops to do it)

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