My employer, a tertiary academic institution, has short-sightedly thrown its chips in with Microsoft. To request leave via the institution's system, I have to use a Microsoft Live login. I consider it an incredible insult that my employer requires me to accept a dependence on (and sacrifice my data to) that unethical digital colonialist corporation. I have already expressed my disgust to them. They're not informed or principled enough to understand.

This sucks.

At work we use MS Office 365. We save our documents on our local network, but everytime I wanna save a text or table document, Office wants me to save it to their stupid cloud. I have like 3 more clicks to save it in the proper directory.

Lately I've been wondering if anybody would notice if I covertly installed LibreOffice on my PC and used it instead. I have admin privileges on my machine.

@normandc do it. And then, in 6 months time after no one notices, point out that your org could increase your profit by Number of staff * MSFT O365 monthly subscription rate * 12 per year. Wonder if they "get it" then...

Unfortunately, I doubt it would work. We had an MS Exchange server hosted on our network and threw it away for Office 365. Yep, our critical company communications now reside on an outside company's server. At least they failed to make us use Slack a few years ago. Our bosses are great people - they just don't care about such issues, unfortunately. I just hope we don't get bitten in the long run. MS doesn't have the best track record. 🙄

@normandc I'm confident as I can be that such dependence is folly. MSFT are the Get Smart of predatory $ trillion mega corps. Incredibly incompetent.


Oh yes. Worst is, for our use, LibreOffice would definitely do the job. As for the email server, ah well.

Trading privacy and security for convenience and unending monthly payments. What's the worst that could happen, right? 🤷‍♀️

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