Anyone who's been in the Linux desktop world long enough remembers the trend (which quickly morphed into a meme) "that's it, I'm switching to Arch".

With almost every day bringing us of more proof of how much our phones are spying on us, and how we actually don't own them, I wish a similar trend would emerge on mobile computing:

"That's it, I'm getting a ".

Ok well, feel free to replace Pinephone with or any other Linux phone. 😀

@normandc In this comparison, it feels like the problem with "The Year of Desktop Linux". Desktop Linux is great and getting better all of the time. The people aren't following though.

In my mind, it's better than Windows, purer and cheaper than Apple, and it does everything I want well. But to everyone else's mind, "Can it run this awful program...?" or people don't like Linux but they can't figure out why.

Some people want something that's guaranteed to work by a large company.


Yep, that sums it up. People are brainwashed by our capitalism-based society into believing anything worthwhile must come from big tech. I've long stopped trying to advocate for the Linux desktop. I kind of forced it on my dad - actually, I told him that if he wanted my continued help with his computer, I was no longer willing to support Windows. He was willing to try Linux, I installed Ubuntu. He's been happy enough, his needs are simple. I haven't tried to turn anyone else.

@normandc @StampedingLonghorn my ex girlfriend is one of my Linux conversion success stories. Not many others though. At this rate the whole planet will be using desktop Linux by the year 3154

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