Anyone who's been in the Linux desktop world long enough remembers the trend (which quickly morphed into a meme) "that's it, I'm switching to Arch".

With almost every day bringing us of more proof of how much our phones are spying on us, and how we actually don't own them, I wish a similar trend would emerge on mobile computing:

"That's it, I'm getting a ".

Ok well, feel free to replace Pinephone with or any other Linux phone. 😀

still waiting for libre processors and other really libre hardware though


Ah now that will be a much tougher nut to crack, unfortunately.

we have succeded in that field on 3d printers, and risc-v libre stuff is happening. so nothing is impossible

Yes, I follow risc-v development from afar, but it does not appear to be very accessible for now.

I wonder if going backwards in technology would help. Wozniak and Jobs created the Apple I in a garage (granted it still used a mass produced CPU). What if we went back to 8-bit? I guess we would have to forego mobile computing.

BTW I know nothing about electronics.

I've wondered the same way about coming back to 8 bit.

But. I think the complexity doesn't come from n-bits but from all the proc improvements there has been since the 8-bit procs.

It's not ''just an improved ALU and interruption box'' anymore

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