@JF I was curious to see how long my will last without being charged on How long do I need to wait????

@kop316 Wow that's an impressive uptime! With BLE and wake up on wrist rotation enabled, mine runs for 4-5 days on battery :)

Mine lasted 10 days on my wrist, but no BLE connection and with "none" wake up setting. Which, BTW, seems to be gone since flashing to 1.3?

I've since set it to raise wrist (that's when "none" disappeared), I charged it after 4 days I think when it was still at 31%. It can't seem to charge more than 92%. By then it makes a periodic buzzing noise.

@normandc Yeah there's no "None" setting in #InfiniTime 1.3.

But since these settings are checkoxes (not a droplist or radio buttons), there's no need for "none" entry, it wouldn't make sense to have "none" entry on a checklist menu. If you want "None", just uncheck everything.

@JF @kop316

Thanks for pointing out the buttons are actually on/off toggles. I did try to tap on an activated button to disable it and it didn't work. Tapping is sometimes flakey. I tried it again, and it took me two times for it to work.
@JF @kop316

@normandc You're welcome.

Yeah, not always easy to to use. Very small and not-so-precise touchsceeen, but for $25, as an experimental hardware, it "does the job".

@JF @kop316


Oh yes, I'm not complaining, and grateful for @JF and other volunteers' work! You people rock!

@normandc @devnull @kop316

Thanks! And note that we are working on a PR that should improve the touch experience :)


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