PSA - the 3GB/32GB mainboard special offer for BraveHeart and UBports owners seems to be back in stock! Final offer ends April 30th.

People who want to upgrade their older Pinephones, this is you last chance!

I forgot to add, the offer is also "as long as supply lasts" - so don't wait too long!

Last October, I waited one week and it was too late when I was ready to throw my money at them. They had another batch available back in February that didn't last long either.

@normandc I am very tempted especially if it solves the backlight flickering on my ubports.

@silverhax @normandc It doesn’t. I’m pretty sure that’s really a software problem.

@shebang @silverhax
I've been in talks with somebody on the PINE64 forum to donate him my v1.1 mainboard. He seems to think that backlight flickering is a hardware issue, he wants to do some tests.

Problem is, in my haste to install my new mainboard, I forgot to erase my personal files on the old mainboard first. I had changed the default password, but it's only 4 digits. Don't know what to do. Is there a way to access this mainboard to erase everything? I do have the serial cable from PINE64.

@normandc You could probably put an rc.local script on a bootable sd card that would wipe the internal emmc on boot, then connect a battery and let it go.

This sounds intriguing, unfortunately it is way over my head...

@normandc I can make you one later today if you need. Not that there's any real advantage in trusting me over your forum friend, but a pinephone wiper sounds like a fun tool to have available. :)

I would appreciate it, but don't feel obliged to do it. Thanks! 😀

@normandc @silverhax Have you tried other distros?

Uh as your the pin, oh I’m really not sure about erasing it. Hmm. Maybe the pine64 subreddit might be of use too.

@shebang @silverhax
I haven't. The heart of the issue is the mainboard is now out of the Pinephone. I wish to help the person out, but I don't want to swap mainboards again just to flash the old mainboard anew - I had enough trouble plugging the antenna on the new mainboard. Everything works now, I don't want to go through that again... 😬

@normandc thank you so much! finally i will able to connect my v1 model to an external screen^^

You need a USB-C dock for that, and PINE64 also sells one! After looking online, it seems that theirs is pretty cheap.

I tested USB and RJ-45 ports, but I haven't tried hooking an HDMI display yet!

Now I should get commissions from @PINE64. 😜

@normandc I also need a new motherboard:)
the v1.0-1.2 boards have a hardware bug (see here: "USB-C CC pins are grounded when VCONN switches are off")
I tried the unsoldering fix, but it did not fix the issues.

You're more courageous/handy than me! 😀 I didn't attempt this fix. The microSD card slot also stopped working on mine, which made the mainboard upgrade absolutely necessary because 16GB of storage is definitely insufficient for me; not to mention I could no longer flash another OS.


Thank you very much for the heads up! I forgot to act in time last time so I grabbed one just now.

@normandc I changed my default browser to the order page so as to get in day 1. Already shipped and waiting to leave China.

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