Using as a main phone Day 4

I didn't make reports since day 1. On day 2, I sent and received a few sms texts. On day 3, I spent an hour on a phone call with my dad (he got vaccinated the day before, yay!). The internal speaker was on the quiet side at max volume, a known issue for which there's a tweak. The back of the UBports CE was very hot by the end. It might be useful to swap the back cover with the Plasma Mobile version which has a graphene tape inside.


Today (day 4), I had to spend the day at the office. I took a few pictures in the shop for documenting issues. Photos weren't great - the has a low end camera sensor. I'm hoping the Megapixels app will improve image quality and autofocus in the future. On , images are saved as raw DMG and tiff! They weigh 15MB. I know there's a python script that allows you to change the save file format.

I need to figure out an automated way of uploading photos to my Nextcloud instance.


One thing I'm missing on my is a gps tracker that saves gpx traces. I bike commuted today, and had to bring my SIM-less Android phone along for this purpose.

Doing some browsing with Firefox or Tootle during lunch hour drains the battery insanely fast. I might need to get a backup battery as a precaution.

Oh, and plugging the phone through USB on a Windows 10 PC, the phone isn't detected. I believe this is deliberate for security purposes.


Of course it hasn't been very long, but overall, my experience of using my running is mostly positive so far.


I can echo this. I called my dad on my Pinephone a couple days ago and after a half hour it was warmer than my other phones and the volume was a tad low. My issue with the photos isn't so much the quality as much as it takes what seems like forever to actually take the photo on mine.

@PublicNuisance Are you using ? Megapixels saves each picture in DNG raw format and uncompressed TIFF (!) Both formats generate huge files (15 MB for tiff) and I assume it may slow thing down.

On Mobile, Megapixels saves images as jpg. I need to check if saving is faster. But I've found the app more prone to freeze up than on Mobian.

There's a post-processing script you can customize to change the saved file format, I plan on tinkering with this.


My Pinephone CE runs Mobian but I was going to put Manjaro Arm Plasma on my Braveheart to test with.

I have two Pinephones and the second one is the Manjaro ARM Plasma Mobile Edition. I've been disappointed with it. So many things don't work, are buggy, not installed by default, etc.

In level of readiness, it is months behind Mobian/Phosh. Which is why I can't comprehend PINE64's decision to make it the OS for their Beta Edition Pinephone. I feel Manjaro Phosh would have been a better choice, but I haven't tried it yet.

@normandc @PublicNuisance There are design decisions in Phosh that will likely never change (it's basically GNOME after all) and are not great. Like always showing running apps on the homescreen, not having a separate app drawer. Lots of clutter. Plasma Mobile has a better design in a lot of places and just needs a bit more work to polish some stuff up. Plus the Librem 5 will mainly be using Phosh, so it's a way to stand out.
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