It will be two weeks tomorrow I rescued this little gal from the cold (the temperature dropped below -15 °C/ -5 °F on the night I drove 63 km to pick her up - the temperature has risen up quite a lot since, that's winter/spring in Canada for you).

Even though she's driving me bonkers during nights (she seems to want to go outside, which I won't let her until she's sterilized), I'm glad so far I did. She's adorable.

@normandc I just realized you got a new cat. Sorry to hear the old one passed away.


Thanks. I had him euthanized on February 9th. It was hard. The vet was very kind, she made me realize my cat was at the end of his rope and it was the humane thing to do.

In some way I knew for some time this was coming, but I guess I preferred not to see. I was able to spend one last night with him before going back to the clinic the next morning.

Of course I don't have the same connection yet with my new little one, but I'm getting good vibes I eventually will.

@normandc I can't imagine how hard it must have been. At least he lived a long happy life.

I hope so, at least that's what I tried to give him. He would have been 17 in May.

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