pine64: this phone is only for developers and testers, don't buy unless you know what you're doing

random user: buys it and call it "the worst device" despite the warning in bright red

@danct12 and here I sit, unable to ever find anything in stock when I check the store. Thinking about how many people have devices from @PINE64 laying around unused is frustrating.

FYI on the Pine64 forum, I've seen more Pinephones for sale lately.
@PINE64 @danct12

@normandc @PINE64 @danct12 I'm sure there are some for sale in the forums but that involves trusting random people on the internet, which I'm not willing to do. At least not now while money has been so tight. Hoping the Pine store will have some stock in soon while I have some play funds.

I can understand your position. I'm guessing you're following @PINE64 so you may have seen their announcement about device availability two days ago. There should also be the March blog update next week.
@PINE64 @danct12

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