My young cat is ever surprising ! I would have never thought he could climb that easy!

And I don't know about your cat, but mine used to be so proud of his feats. He'd meow to get my attention, and try to get me to pet him from below his perch! 😄

He would climb on top of the kitchen cupboards, 2.74m from the floor (9 feet). Up the counter, up the fridge, and then on the top of the world. 😼

@normandc we got him safely down because we were afraid of him falling down. Mine is more asking for attention when he would like some partner to play. Your cat looks like a serious climber!


Looked, unfortunately. In the past couple of years he didn't climb much. I had to put him down two weeks ago... We were together 16 and a half years, so we had a good run. 😀

@normandc when kid, we never managed to live with a cat for a long time. I hope my cat will live for a long time. I a also know that you have to be very kind with them when they get old. Sorry for your cat

Thanks. I was a wreck the day it happened (fortunately I was able to take the day off, the two business owners are animal lovers), but I feel much better now. It was a shock, yet, I think I had known in advance it was coming.

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