In a recent toot I posted my 3D model of my old (but still functional) Lulzbot AO-100 3D printer with mods I plan on doing.

The model actually links most of the parts from 75 external files. I was wondering whether the TechDraw workbench could generate views from it.

Apparently it can 😄 but it is extremely slow! It's no doubt partly due to extruder's herringbone gears (such complex surfaces are murder to compute), but the used HLR algo from OCC is also not very efficient.


I didn't bother with scale and correct placement of views, the isometric view goes over the title block. Oh and, there's an option to apply a perspective projection, and define a view focus distance (second screenshot). Really cool!

Glossary: HLR = hidden line removal. Software algorithm to compute which edges on the model to display on a flattened view. It's handled by the geometric modeling kernel, Open CasCade Technology (OCC/OCCT).


There are a few missing edges on the front view, notably for the pillow block bushings. This is something that also happens on the $$$ proprietary CAD software we use at work! The pillow blocks are an imported part from IGUS website, I'd have to check if there are interfering faces that could cause that... But all in all, pretty good for such a complex model.


I'm not current on memes nor manga... But I can tell you it would have been better had I modeled the GT2 belts so she would be tightrope walking on it (it's supposed to run right under her feat!) 😉

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