I just stumbled upon this. A presentation of realthunder's work. Might be interesting to watch. Now if I could remember about it. Gonna be late here though, 22:00 (10PM) next Sunday my time.

It's not going to be 10PM for me but 10AM! Assuming the FOSDEM time zone is Brussels'?

On a Sunday morning when I like to sleep in. 😢

FYI the talk started 13 minutes ago!

@normandc Thanks for the tip. I'm currently going through the schedule to see what else might be interesting.

Perhaps this:

@normandc Do you know what timezone FOSDEM is using? I could not find that on their website.
I wanted to watch a few talks but could never get on at the right time because of that.

I don't know for sure, but since FOSDEM used to host their live event in Brussels, Belgium prior to going online this year, I assume they use this timezone.

@normandc @ericbuijs @retiredguru next month I'm speaking at 06:00 my time on a Sunday for Chemnitzer Linux-Tage

at least it's Pi Day :)

I got up a lot earlier than I'm used to for a Sunday so I watched it.

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