Is there a software store app, or is it possible to install apps from the Manjaro/Arch repositories?
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@normandc @ManjaroARM @PINE64 Open Store or click support are not available on Manjaro unless I am completely mistaken. It’s easy enough to install @kde Discover via pacman though:

I hope that apps from the Open Store get ported to other OSes at some point. I'm missing a few apps on and I haven't found alternatives.

Is that Pure Maps package native or a flatpak?
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@normandc @ManjaroARM Then learn packaging and package it up for your favorite distribution. I am glad that it’s available as a flatpak (and for Sailfish and Ubuntu Touch), because like this it’s available everywhere. With a maps app, especially if you consider using it with offline maps, the extra storage flatpak may use is not that much. Also, being a Qt app, it would pull in a ton of extra dependencies on a regular Phosh install, anyway.


I was the FreeCAD PPA maintainer for a few years. I would block on issues from time to time due to gaps in my understanding. Not eager to try my hand at Debian packaging again, as I'm pretty sure I would be out of my depth real quick.

Where are flatpak packages installed? Are they in the user's Home like snaps? If so then I'll live with it, I just got a 128GB SDXC card to migrate my Home to. 😀

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