Today, we get an announcement for a new community edition , the Edition.

By my count, including the Brave Heart edition of last year, this makes it the 5th batch.

I wonder if @PINE64 have kept the 3,000 number of devices per production batch. That would mean soon 15,000 Linux phones in the hands of users and tinkerers.

If that's not a resounding success, I don't know what is!

@normandc @PINE64 They are smart and are not trying to over commercialize it. They know Linux has a ~3% cut of the PC world market and are mostly letting their fans do the marketing. With time they could easily get up to a 100 000 units or more. As long as they keep it real and not overpromise..

@shellkr @PINE64
Exactly! And I think they've done a good job so far to manage expectations.

Personally I wish I could use my as a daily driver already, but it's not been possible for me so far - and I do not begrudge PINE64 nor the community projects working hard to improve the whole software stack. I understand it takes time, when you don't have a full-scale, full-time, fully-paid dev team. What's been accomplished so far in these conditions is darn impressive!

@normandc @shellkr @PINE64 also these are stuff phone manufacturer would take years to accomplish

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