This is the GNOME 3.38 version of @gnome Maps on my Ryzen desktop. Will build that on the @PINE64 next. It am pretty sure it scales properly now.

.@gnome @PINE64 And this is GNOME Maps 3.38 on the : It's a lot better, but the Shortcut screen and the Navigation UI don't scale properly. Still: This is without 'scale-to-fit' and a massive improvement!

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What about trying ? I was using it on , I liked it a lot. There's a flatpak that can be installed on Mobian, possibly on other mobile distros. A native package or build would be better though.
@gnome @PINE64


Sorry, I forgot that's where I read about the flatpak. 😳😄

I didn't remember about the Pinephone not having enough RAM to run Pure Maps with OSM Scout. That's a bummer. 😕
@gnome @PINE64

@gnome @PINE64 @normandc @linmob what? I'm running puremaps+osm scout server on my Jolla 1 ... It's not fast, but it works...

@fabrixxm @gnome @PINE64 @normandc I never actuallly tried this, so that might be totally wrong. Also, zram and swap might help to get it working anyway.

How much memory does the Jolla 1 have?

I would be glad if 2 GB of RAM is enough, I plan on using PureMaps + OSMScout on the Pinephone.
@gnome @PINE64 @linmob

@fabrixxm @gnome @PINE64 @normandc @linmob

How much memory does the Jolla 1 have?

1 GB . Again: it's not the fastest thing in the world, it's fastest to download tiles from mobile data, but it works.
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