I've received my dogwood batch #librem5 and am testing an app I've made for it. I'm currently finding it generally a better experience than what my pinephone has provided.

@eyecreate for more than three times the price it really should give better experience... So I think a 1:1 comparison is not quiet fair


@rakor @eyecreate
I think it's OK to mention it. The price difference is a given. ☺

When you talk about a better experience, I assume it is thanks to the better hardware? Or do you have also other comments about the handling of it (shape & surface of case, others)?

One thing I find with my Pinephone is that the rear case is very slippery. I plan on buying a protective sleeve.

@normandc @rakor I think the hardware could be a part of it(phosh feels a little smoother to me), but it could just as well be the software work purism is putting in. I like little details like haptics with phosh. I also like the fact it doesn't drain power when off like by braveheart pinephone. The case of librem5 is more textured than pinephone and I don't worry about it slipping. I also like the notification light better than pinephone because it's more subtle.

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