August Community update!

- elementaryOS 6 coming to Pinebook Pro

- PineTab RTL-SDR + LoRa expansions & pre-orders this month

- last change for postmarketOS CE

- many community PinePhone projects

- Pinecil coing in September

- PineCube in September

- accessories

- MUCH more:


#ElementaryOS on Pinebook?

#LoRa + SDR on tablet??

Pinecil??? PineCube????

How are you cooler than Apple without their billion$ ?

(this toot from my #PinePhone over LTE cellular)

#ShamelessFanboy sorry

@banjofox @PINE64 Mobian with Phosh UI. It came with UBPorts which runs a bit smoother but I had some stability issues with it. I also tried PostmarketOS. It was also smoother/faster than Mobian but I couldn't get LTE data to work reliably.

PinePhone is a bit of a misnomer. It is a developer's pocket computer and expectations should match that. Expect to spend a week or 2 exploring different OSes.


@msh @banjofox @PINE64
I assume you flashed to the eMMC? I've tried it on a microSD card and it is unbearably slow. @mobian confirmed to me it makes a huge difference in usability.

@normandc I tried out Mobian and PostmarketOS from SD card then decided to flash Mobian to eMMC when it seemed to work alright. I can confirm running off eMMC is noticeably faster. It was still usable off SD card but it was a fast SD card. I'd imagine if it was lower grade media it could be even slower.

@banjofox @PINE64 @mobian

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