Last night I was talking with my mom on the phone. She was telling me she wanted to share large files with my aunt, but wasn't keen on using Google Drive and the likes.

I bursted in laughter. "Mom", I said, "I just set up an account for you on my instance. Here's your username and password." 🤓

We spent the next 20 minutes going over the thing. She was pretty excited. She'll turn 75 this year. I'm proud how she's embraced technology. 😄

@normandc really great to hear! Selfhosting can have great impact on our immediate surroundings.

75 ... awesome. ... let's see how well we can keep up with new tech over the next 40 years 😁

@normandc That is awesome!!

I'm not sure my parents are there yet. I setup a nextcloud account and enabled autosync of their home directories, should cover 99% of stuff they don't want to lose :)

I really like the android app auto-upload stuff too. Super handy

Thanks! Last night she told me she wanted to share a folder with a good friend so each could add stuff in it. So I guess that means creating an account for her too.

I think I started something. 😅

I don't think that's the right use case. This is for sharing files, not synchronizing.

But I did install for my personal use.

That's so cool!! My family gets bored whenever I'm talking about #foss and #linux 🙁

@brightneighbor @normandc That's the thing with technology, it's too much of a abstract concept for some to grasp and understand that they are being exploited by the very software they use. Or if they are aware, some folks are too apathetic to care to make a change for themselves to fight against that current. This will always be a fight that the freedom fighters are the underdog until a crisis occurs to wake them up.

@Elite_Shinobi @brightneighbor
Yes. We traded privacy for convenience. I got my gmail account through an invite way back when it wasn't available at large yet. This has been going on for a very long time.

Hey, I've been at it for more than 10 years!!! I got plenty of rolling eyes from my family! 😉

You can't force it. You just mention it as a matter of course. At some point you may see some overture, but it may never happen. Choose your battles: I know I won't be able to make them quit Facebook. It's too convenient and entranched into their lives. Yet, maybe someday...

My ? It's a seed. 🤓

At some point I did convince them to use it, But then they get too confused with a simple problem and decide to move on.

I didn't install the OS in any of their machines but I just gave them one of my laptops, But I was kinda stupid for giving them a complicated environment (XFCE, MATE) I should've gave them Gnome or KDE.

Also 10 years? That's impressive! 😃
I have been using different linux distros for only 3 or 4 years 😬😬

@normandc a post with selfhosting, nextcloud, and yunohost posted as I'm attempting to use an old laptop we have to selfhost a nextcloud is giving me good vibes that it'll work out, especially the wholesome story aspect of it! Family can be tough to convert but with enough push can get on the same page, so glad you got to do that!

So far, the hardest parts for me have been setting up my own domain name and dynamic DNS. I'm all good with the former, still haven't figured out the latter. My IP address hasn't changed for at least a month; I figure it may only change if power goes out and my cable modem reinitializes. If that happens I'll manually update it at my domain registrar.

YunoHost suggests free dyn dns services, but none of them is open source which I'm going for.

YunoHost provides free sub-domains, and the whole set up is done automatically. But many apps require their own domain/subdomain; Nextcloud doesn't, but all the other apps I wanted to install do.

Good luck with your install, I'm sure it will work out!

@normandc thank you so much! It'll be a major learning experience for sure, but everyone I've interacted with on mastodon and in other foss communities are so helpful

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