Okay, so I just pulled the trigger on a Community Edition. 😎

I know that camera support won't be fully functional in when I get it, I'm hoping it won't take too many months to implement.

@normandc Other than the camera and a sometimes strangely behaviour of the wifi it is very stable by now an a very enjoyable phone. Hope you like it as well

Yeah, but I really hope the camera gets functional soon. For me it's an essential feature. It means I'll have to carry the old phone as well...

I'm really eager to experience the form factor (18:10 screen ratio IIRC). My current One Plus One barely can be used single handed, it's too wide.

@normandc Yeah, it would be nice if they got that working soon. I saw a video a while back where they had it running, but it was rather buggy so I guess that is why the haven‘t released it yet.

At least for me the phone is to big for single hand use...

@thewk @normandc That's what I'm worried about. I'm very used to tiny phones, and this will be huge by comparison.

@Scofisticated @thewk
The PinePhone is slightly taller than the OnePlus One I'm using, which is already quite a big phone. On the other hand it's not as wide. I like big screens, but I do wish they'd have chosen a smaller screen.

@normandc @thewk I have this unsubstantiated fear that bigger screens are more likely to crack. So that is particular worry going in.

@Scofisticated @thewk
I've had two pretty big phones (Moto G5 Plus and the OPO), dropped them plenty of times, no cracked screen so far. On the other hand the smaller Nexus5 had a reputation for having a very fragile screen. My sister's broke twice. She bought a new phone instead of having the screen replaced a second time, she gave it to me (it was still functional) and that's how I discovered . For me the screen was too small after 2 years with the G5.

@normandc @thewk My Nexus has faired pretty well for a year with a shatter-screen-protector and cases. I'm hoping I can do the same for my PinePhn.

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