I had an issue with snap-packaged software a while ago (related to sandboxing) and now the more I read about it, the more I want to just stick with .deb files. Granted I'm out of the loop on this stuff. I am really liking Ubuntu 20.04 but it bugs me that there doesn't seem to be an overall coherent benefit to snaps and it's now the default. Just sayin'.

Hmmm.. I might just have to stick with Debian.
Are you saying you can't use a . Deb?

@randynose no, you can, but the default software installation is done via snap. You can still install synaptic and install from the repos (or apt install from the terminal), but if you install software from the Ubuntu software centre app, you will get the snap version. At least that's my understanding. I ran into issues with darktable I think and then uninstalled Gimp and Inkscape and reinstalled them via apt. You might be get newer versions than the repo versions using snap but I don't care...

@rfquerin @randynose
But I'm concerned about how long Synaptic will continue working. Am I right in thinking it won't work in Wayland? Apparently the fact it opens asking for your password is an issue. The GNOME Packages app is a joke compared to Synaptic.

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