I spent 1h30 tonight testing 3 videoconferencing apps for a group of elderly people who want to keep in touch in these confinement times. The most important feature was simplicity.

- Jitsi Meet: simple and straightforward, no registration required and no software needed on PC. Unfortunately, performance was abysmal. Impossibly long lag between audio and video.
- Skype: works relatively good but requires registration
- Google Hangouts: best audio video sync, near impossible to start convo!!!

Was really disappointed with Jitsi Meet since I've heard nothing but good things about it. It would have been my first choice since it's FOSS.

@normandc there's probably a huge load on their servers due to everyone working/meeting remotely... I saw somewhere on mastodon links to other jitsu servers...there's one on framasoft.org for sure

Oh, didn't think of finding other servers. Thanks!

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