I spent 1h30 tonight testing 3 videoconferencing apps for a group of elderly people who want to keep in touch in these confinement times. The most important feature was simplicity.

- Jitsi Meet: simple and straightforward, no registration required and no software needed on PC. Unfortunately, performance was abysmal. Impossibly long lag between audio and video.
- Skype: works relatively good but requires registration
- Google Hangouts: best audio video sync, near impossible to start convo!!!

Was really disappointed with Jitsi Meet since I've heard nothing but good things about it. It would have been my first choice since it's FOSS.

@normandc there's probably a huge load on their servers due to everyone working/meeting remotely... I saw somewhere on mastodon links to other jitsu servers...there's one on for sure

Oh, didn't think of finding other servers. Thanks!

- Jitsi, Skype, Google Hangouts

What abt zoom for videoconferencing?

I had a quick look at it but discarded it. Like Skype it requires registration. I'm told those people really, really struggle with computers. Some know nothing but Facebook, others just know enough to use email... Which is why I had high hopes for Jitsi.

@normandc Have you tried (used to be And what about nextcloud talk? Both of these you can just join a link, no account needed for the recepient. Also that's awesome that you are helping people connect during this time of physical isolation!

Well, my mother asked for recommendations. 😄 She's 74 and she leads a workout group. The oldest is 92 I think. Testing was done with my mother, she's pretty good with technology. I never was able to convert her to Linux though. 😄

Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have a Nextcloud install to test... I do have a free account with OwnCube I've been meaning to upgrade... 🤔

@normandc have you tested Jami ? There is a signup need as well but pretty straight forward Jami (Secure and distributed communication platform) -

I did wonder, since it's apparently developed by Savoir-Faire Linux. I'm glad they're still around. I read a story from its founder years ago. I believe he coined the phrase "La route est longue, mais la voie est libre". (something like "the travel is lengthy but the way is free")

@normandc Je n'ai jamais fait de test avec @Jami mais dans le temps que ça s'appelait Ring, j'ai malheureusement pas eu beaucoup de succès. Maintenant, je n'ose plus achaler mes proches pour le retester. Si tu essaie, je serais curieux de connaître tes impressions !
Pour la citation « La route est longue, mais la voie est libre », c'est pas plutôt de Framasoft?

@manu @Jami @LPS
Hum, tu sème le doute dans mon esprit...

Pour Jami, je compte bien le tester, peut-être avec mon père sous Ubuntu (grâce à mes soins 😉).

Jami requires installation of software on PC. I'm told it's a showstopper. These people are nothing short of computer illiterate.

@normandc I'd suggest trying other jitsi servers if you can find some public is a French (France) collective that you may have heard of that has a server setup as well

@normandc although they needed to warn institutions to leave the services for individuals during this time...they're getting blasted as well. Still worth a try, but test with your mom only first

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