Well I started my spinning classes this week (indoor stationary with music and a coach who sets the pace). The regular gym kind on Monday and the aquatic kind in the shallow end of a pool on Thursday. Of course the pool is indoor, outside weather was around -12 degrees C (10F)!

I was concerned about the music, and my fears proved true: dance music which I can barely tolerate. At least the sound level was not deafening.

Aquatic spinning was a lot easier than I expected, and fun.

@normandc If you can't stand the music you could either do solo spinning in the gym or buy a roller and do the spinning in your own house.

Quite honestly I wouldn't have the discipline to do it on my own.

I also purchased winter gear for running as plan B. 😄 I've never run before but I've wanted to start for a while (now that I'm not as overweight as I used to be).

@normandc We've had a very mild winter thus far so I'm still cycling outdoors. This easily beats every indoor activity except for the bike cleaning part.

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