@pla hey, have you (and any other enthusiasts) seen this? Looks pretty cool.

@normandc I have not seen this before. Would be fun on Lake Moultrie. Very cool but $7,490.00 USD!? 💸

Yeah, that's a lot of dough, and the battery seems to last only about an hour. I wonder if the electric assist is absolutely necessary.

@normandc Electric assist is probably needed. Tarmac > water.

@normandc I've tried one of these before: kind of similar.

Was very difficult, I didn't manage to go more that a few meters, and seemed to get worse at it the more I tried.

But it seems so easy in the video! 😜

That jumping movement seems weird.

@randynose @pla
Of course not, it's not supposed to. But this is. 😜

Providing YT link because is unavailable fo me ATM...

@randynose @pla
It's awesome though! Now that with electric assist may be more accessible to "regular" humans. High cost notwithstanding...

@normandc @pla

It all has to do with weight vs lift, I think. But yea, it's a great concept, and I hope it fairs well.

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