Spending some quality time with my 10 year old Sony PRS-650 and a dark ale.

Today is the day: I'm finally replacing the HDD of my X200 with an SSD.

Sigh. This is burning a hole in my bookshelf for years now. But with 4 young children and a job as an embedded developer, I haven't found enough time and motivation or was too tired to start learning in the evenings. But the itch is getting stronger again. I may have to find a way to get at least a little time for every week somehow soon. πŸ˜…

Made my first swedish cinnamon buns today. They look and smell awesome. πŸ˜‹

@hund Thanks for the inspiration: hunden.linuxkompis.se/2020/10/
I used the recipe from Fredriks Fika.

shwt - a shell workout timer

shwt is a simple workout timer, that can be configured by a simple plain text file with one step of the workout per line.


Yay! I finally got hold of a used Raspberry Pi 3 to start playing around with OpenBSD. If everything goes as planned, it will replace my Arch based Pi1 B+ home server.

I made a pen loop for my pocket bullet journal out of some left over elastic band stapled onto a piece of an old plastic card. The original cardboard version didn't survive the encounter with our two year old daughter... πŸ˜„

Time to fire up this cutie and finally start building me a DS18B20 based brewing thermometer. Hopefully this will handle the induction hot plate interference better than my Ikea thermometer.

GOG made me an offer, I couldn't refuse. Now I only have to find some time to actually play...

...and it's done. Time to call my wife and the kids and bake the remaining two pizzas.
Over and out.

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90s here I come! Accidentally used up all my mobile data capacity for this month. Looks like I'm throttled down to 32 KBit/s for the next 8 days...

All that's missing now is web pages playing midis in the background, blinking text and animated gifs with rotating @-symbols πŸ˜†


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