This is getting out of hand quickly. 😅

Plan: Look up the pin mappings of the in , reconfigure menelaus and enjoy a powered keyboard.

Reality: There are 12 cols instead of 11 and 3 pins not used by the leonardo have to be added to 's stdlib.

I'm pretty sure what needs to be done to add the missing stuff. Before I start: @technomancy do you know if this already exist or is in the works? Can you think of a reason why this won't work?

@norb I'm pretty confident that it can be made to work if you're willing to dive in and hack up microscheme! I haven't gotten around to it myself yet but I think maybe @codingquark started to? might want to compare notes. looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

@technomancy @codingquark
Writing this with my running menelaus. Everything went as expected. I'll share my (quick and dirty) changes within the next few days, in case anybody is interested.

@technomancy @codingquark You can find my changes here:

My changes are neither pretty nor downward compatible, because I have no practical experience with Lisp (yet). But I'm hoping to change that soon. ^^

@norb Cool! I would love to take the patch to menelaus once it's compatible with upstream microscheme. I don't know whether it's sensible to keep the new pins under "Leonardo" or whether it makes sense to introduce a new board type or something; you'd have to talk to the microscheme maintainer to see how he wants to handle that kind of situation.

@technomancy Introducing a new board absolutely makes sense here. I was just trying to get menelaus up and running as quickly as possible. I'll take care of it next week.

I want to finish the german keycodes and my personal layout first. I'm looking forward to sending you the patches, as soon as everything is integrated nicely.

Regarding the naming of the board: Is atreus2 okay or is there another official name besides keyboardio atreus?

@norb atreus2 was an early codename, better to say keyboardio-atreus at this point. thanks!

$ make MODEL=KEYBOARDIO-ATREUS LAYOUT=qwerty-keyboardio upload
microscheme -m KEYBOARDIO-ATREUS qwerty-keyboardio.scm
Microscheme 0.9.3, (C) Ryan Suchocki
avrdude done. Thank you.

I've one last question for you and @obra before I open the pull request:
Microscheme uses an onboard LED at C7 for exception indication. The Atreus uses this pin as column input. I don't think so, but just to be sure - is there a LED on the PCB that can be used instead?

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