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cat snapshot-20200213* | ffmpeg -r 30 -f mjpeg -i - Videos/cat-jpegs-i-will.mp4 # Make a mp4 video from a set of jpg files. Because mjpeg format is essentially just jpg files concatenated, you can use the cat program to make one and ffmpeg understands this format.

This is getting out of hand quickly. 😅

Plan: Look up the pin mappings of the in , reconfigure menelaus and enjoy a powered keyboard.

Reality: There are 12 cols instead of 11 and 3 pins not used by the leonardo have to be added to 's stdlib.

I'm pretty sure what needs to be done to add the missing stuff. Before I start: @technomancy do you know if this already exist or is in the works? Can you think of a reason why this won't work?

I'm on my first mechanical keyboard for only half a day now and it looks like I'm already spoiled for life. ^^

Turns out, I pressed the spacebar on my old keyboard exactly on the spot, where the has it's backspace key. 😂

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Imagining the Ideal Language for Writing free Software (my talk from 2021) just got posted:

In that presentation, I ague that , , and aren't great fits for Free Software (even though they're all well-designed languages and I still <3 rust!). And I think about what we _do_ want in a language aiming at Free Software.

Slides are available on my site (but truly are a visual aid, so may not make that much sense alone)

My and the travel case arrived today. 😍

@codesections @yarmo you were right - absolutely worth the wait.

@technomancy @obra the design and build quality are awesome.

@esden thanks for bringing the Atreus to my attention.

I can't wait to fire up The Typing of the Dead and start practicing tonight. 😄

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#Restic v0.12.0 greatly improves check, index rebuild and prune times (we are talking hours down to minutes!)

This dramatically reduces maintenance windows where clean-up operations put an exclusive lock on backup repos.

I have several customers with large repositories (multi-terabyte S3 buckets) and pruning data was a huge pain point.

No more!

Oh, and it looks like the bug where fuse-mounted snapshots showed wrong directory ownerships is now fixed, we can now perform rsync restores! (I still need to test this)

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Sigh. This is burning a hole in my bookshelf for years now. But with 4 young children and a job as an embedded developer, I haven't found enough time and motivation or was too tired to start learning in the evenings. But the itch is getting stronger again. I may have to find a way to get at least a little time for every week somehow soon. 😅

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This is interesting. As fast as light is, it's rather slow when you take into account the vastness of space.

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Fediverse: what tools do #Lisp programmers use in 2021?
(Only OS: #Linux; editors/IDEs: #VSCode & #emacs.)

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Never noticed that old #USB Micro-B plugs fit into newer USB 3.0 Micro-B ports. All these years I didn't know! 🙈 #MindBlown

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Is there someone here who happens to be knowledge about the swedish law and have maybe 30 minutes to spare for free? I have a couple of hopefully simple questions regarding sub-let.

I usually never ask for this; please boost. It's highly appreciated. Thanks!

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My sister asked me where she could find #drmfree #ebooks today, but I didn't really know.

Then I looked around and found the list made by #DefectiveByDesign:

#ebook #literature #drm #nodrm #books

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