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I spent most of my career intimidated by C and never really wanting to learn it, but now I'm trying to find as many excuses to write stuff in it as possible.

Found it!

media.hardwaremediakeys.enabled = false

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At some point in the last six months, Firefox began listening to dbus MediaPlayer events and now my play/pause media keys start and stop random Youtube videos instead of the music I'm trying to play.

There's probably an easy way to disable it, but I haven't taken time to look.

I'm gonna say it, images in email signatures are annoying and useless.

My first submission. I added an IRC client to JKA, madness incoming.

Shout out to OpenJK btw!

Thanks for the follow @fribbledom, and thanks for your work on `duf`!

Vimmers who made the switch to Colemak, how'd you cope with having to relearn or rebind _everything_? (less/more, man, tmux etc) I couldn't commit to breaking muscle memory for {h,j,k,l,u,d,etc} and gave up.

I've also been reading about efforts to add Rust support to GCC, which is not something that I totally understand, but seems to solve a lot of people's concerns around LLVM.

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I read the RFC on adding Rust to the Linux kernel today. It seems like a glimpse of what's to come for Rust, especially since Linus didn't totally hate it.

I'm curious to hear thoughts on the topic.

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continue to be at the forefront of new and improved support as they've today rolled out the 455.50.12 Vulkan Beta Driver.

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is a image viewer.

viu displays images in the terminal using full color and high resolution where possible, falling back to block characters and low color mode when needed. viu uses the viuer for image conversion. viu can display animated images, transparency, images piped through stdin, and can resize images for display.

Website 🔗️:

I'm new here and am curious what the spread is. Based on the local timeline it would seem that :emacs: is the heavy favorite.

CUPS is an underrated system. I almost never have to print things, but when I do things typically "just work".

My only gripe so far is how cryptic function and struct names are for stuff at the *nix layer.

This is my best guess as to what these abbreviated function names stand for in `shadow.h`, for example:
`getspnam` -> `get_shadow_password_name`?
`endspent` -> `end_shadow_password_entry`?

Long live expressive variable and function names!

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Also, I was really impressed to learn that mocking functions in unit tests can be done via the linker.

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Tooling around C/*nix is amazing. I love being able to jump to man pages for functions and data types with `K` in Vim.

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Current status: refactoring an unmaintained C project to have tests and better code quality.

Does anyone have any experience muxing signals between a 125khz RFID reader and multiple antennas?

I think I'm getting signal loss or interference from the mux and I'd like to better understand why. I'm trying to observe the differences in the muxed and non-muxed signal with a multimeter and having little success.

Perhaps its time for an oscilloscope.

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