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Fixing the last couple hiccups today and then will start shilling the project around probably starting tomorrow.

Search bar is fixed on NewTube: , frontend is looking pretty good, some work on the media player page and some hiccups and it should be pretty good!

You know CSS/the DOM has failed when the presentation layer is like 10x more complicated than networking.

Doing this search bar is so annoying. Dealing with CSS and the DOM is by far the most painful part of web development >.<

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@nodetube @agustinh88 Contento de conocer este proyecto ten por seguro q le daré su probada dentro de poco

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YouTubers that refuse to leave a platform which is constantly at odds with their goals are like people who would rather suffer the consequences of partying on the deck of the Titanic than risk being a "bummer" and taking a seat on a lifeboat.

People seem to like the frontend changes I put up last night 🧐

These three tools radically reduce the difficulty of sharing media digitally, and ensure that no centralized power can restrict the flow of information, ensuring that information will be freer than ever before and safeguarding the continued expansion of humanity's consciousness

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My three tools to guarantee the expansion of consciousness in the 21st century:
1) , my YouTube alternative powered by open-source code, a great tool for sharing information
2) NodeTube, the free and open-source code that powers NewTube (anyone can use it)
3) Videodownloader, a free and open source videodownloading app that works on virtually every site on the internet, used for backing up media which can then be stored and uploaded across the internet

Probably 3-4 days before NewTube's frontend is how I want it, then I will start spreading the word about my platform.

Check out the new video player for desktop/laptops

I think it's the best one on the internet personally!

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