Going to ship a very nice makeover to the frontend (default dark mode) in less than an hour I imagine, very excited for it.

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Did 7TB of traffic in April, on pace for 30TB for May newtube.app

Thank you to everyone who has donated or purchased NewTube Plus, you are the lifeblood of the whole project and allow me to pour hours and hours into this thank you for helping me help the world!

Seeing how much people have loved NewTube.app it makes me really excited knowing that the code is open-source and I will be helping people get their own version of the software running for them. I'll make running a YouTube alternative easier than running Wordpress

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@lealternative @peertube altra alternativa a youtube, nata da pochi mesi, a cui si può dare un'occhiata è nodetube/newtube @nodetube a quanto ho capito in futuro hanno intenzione di integrarla col fediverse tramite ActivityPub

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@darhma @lealternative @peertube @nodetube questo newtube non lo conoscevo, sembra un ottimo progetto! Mastodon è veramente una miniera per scovare nuovi progetti open, grazie per la segnalazione!! 👍

If Linus hadn't made Linux open source then I probably wouldn't even be able to do NodeTube, so it only makes sense that NodeTube is open source as well and can serve as another building block in a free and open source media architecture.

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Cool! I'll look forward to it!

If you manage to get it working and it works with the streaming part of the NodeTube platform it would make it the first decentralized and federalized streaming platform in the world which would be pretty rad. 😁

If we take the process that was started with the Gutenberg Press all the way to its logical conclusion we have an easily used, free tool that allows the creation and publishing of all types of media content, that is the vision of NodeTube, the logical conclusion of this process

Shipped NewTube Plus last night:
- Max upload file size raised from 500MB to 2GB
- Unlisted and private uploads
- Livestreaming

Also supports alternative tech and the decentralization of the internet!


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Will nodetube federate with the established Peertube and the rest of the fediverse?

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@nodetube @ChrisWere

Well if you'd like some exposure, I nominate Chris:)

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Find a cool product on #Amazon?

That company exists OFF Amazon, too.

1) #DDG company name.

2) Order from their site.

2a) Can usually find a 10% code!

3) Still get product in 2-8 days.

4) Company avoids losing 25% margin share to Amazon.

5) You avoid giving money to #Bezos.

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@nodetube @ChrisWere Does that mean it's necessary to setup up a server to do this or is it possible on the flagship instance right now?

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