Totally flashed by USB/IP, an open source software to forward USB devices via the network. ✨

It works perfectly and opens up so many possiblities...

But luckily, the awsome comes to the rescue πŸ‘:

- versatile library management including dependency version pinning
- bare-metal and native unit tests (on real microcontrollers!!)

I just love it! 😍 :arduino:

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Arrrg πŸ˜₯ It will bite you hard if you don't pin your dependencies' versions properly! πŸ“Œ

pro tip: Using emojis in the meeting URL, like

(I guess it requires having an emoji font installed though.)

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Governments and public bodies: don't become victims of vendor lock-in! Public money is better used to support free software and open standards. Look at Dortmund in Germany, where free and open source software is now a standard:

How `:wq` even saves and recompiles the document... 😍

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I love it when editors support :vim: keybindings ⌨. This makes (self-hosted) even better!

So nice to see how the @PINE64 with @ManjaroARM and @purism's is getting better every day:

🎧 πŸ“Ά stable bluetooth headphone connection
:firefox: pretty snappy Firefox
πŸ“· cameras working (though slow and muddy)
πŸ“ž USSD codes seem to work now


πŸ”‹ Battery life could be better (well carry a powerbank then)
πŸ’₯ the UI crashes sometimes

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What was taken from #FreeSoftware has been returned to it: after denying a refund for a pre-installed Windows, Lenovo had to pay 20.000 Euros to our volunteer and supporter Luca Bonissi.

Oh I totally missed that it is now possible to see changes between wiki page versions on :gitlab:

The :pine64: @PINE64 USB-C docking bar works well with both the πŸ“± and the πŸ’».

I can now finally use ethernet and a second screen with both devices still while charging. Neat! πŸŽ‰

For the I had to `sudo pacman -Syu linux-pinebookpro` πŸ“¦and reboot πŸ” to get it working.


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