@RL_Dane I meant "turtles all the way down ...", perhaps I should have put more turtles 😆

Free software addresses the concern you share: WASM (and Rust) don't prevent that. I was going to ask sarcastically if you built all of the software you run from src, or audit every JavaScript that you allow to run. I wonder what capabilities WASM has to help, though, because I agree: scary, but no scarier than running any other untrusted code I guess.

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Since a glib update in Debian yesterday, phosh seems to like to crash a lot. This is likely caused by a deprecation of functionality in glib and caused gitlab.gnome.org/World/Phosh/p . This was fixed like an hour ago in phosh 0.21.0-2, so do not despair.

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Thanks to @devrtz for express fixes and @awai for emergency uploads at light-speed!

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To follow up on the breakage due to a glib update: Mobian has a fixed phosh version 0.21.0-2~mobian1 up now. It should be safe to upgrade again.
It will take a few days until the fixed version will arrive in Debian testing.

@dcz The "new" SD card shouldn't have any more book-keeping than the [presumed] "old" one though, right? As well, this book-keeping is at a layer below the block interface if I'm understanding your reference.

@danct12 No idea what's up here; does fsck recover any space or give any hints? Are the partition tables identical; GPT vs DOS / shadow, etc?

@danct12 most of my machines are rebooted at least daily, though my installs have years of uptime ;). GNOME install on a recent laptop has broken me with it's auto-suspend ... I forgot my passphrase for a bit because of it!

Here's a shell script and desktop entry to easily enable WiFi Hotspot and prevent a system from suspending while active; simply disable the WiFi Hotspot and the inhibition will automatically end:


Place in ~/.local/bin/ and ~/.local/share/applications/, and pin it as a favorite.

You may need to add permissions to the connection for the user, e.g. a wide open ("any regular user with a session") setting:
nmcli connection modify Hotspot +connection.permissions ''

@whynothugo I've been pretty happy with Mobian on the PinePhone Pro, but am also looking for a suitable mapping/navigation app.

There is a Signal build for x86 GNU/Linux (via Electron, I think), that might suffice (via Qemu perhaps); I've been meaning to try.

If you can do without and want to ship your device, I could give it a go. I have another blog post in the works showing how I performed the eMMC DDR52 speed mod: izzo.pro/pinephone-vccq-mod/

@whynothugo Debian [bookworm] uses systemd-resolved out of the box now, I think, and has before the packaging change to split it out. Have any references for switching to unbound, or how it might go on Debian?

@whynothugo I'll make a blog post about it tomorrow or this weekend, sure thing.

is pretty damn awesome.
I'm excited to give a lightning talk about how I configured gallery.desmas.net with Image-Filter and the core modules to automatically generate cached galleries and thumbnails, helping me move further from Google's products.

@birnim I feel your pain though: I actually didn't know about this composition setting until I just looked. It's on for me now :).

I don't see a way to view the plain text mail about my inbox though; perhaps this is because none have sent plain text versions alongside the HTML, but I don't think I believe that.

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@TMakarios the same is true for apt/apt-get: full-upgrade performs the same function as dist-upgrade: askubuntu.com/a/770140

I read the post as that "dist-upgrade" ("full-upgrade") will cause the problem, but "upgrade" is safe.

Another tip: totem-common@43 satisfies totem@42's depends, but will break totem@42 -- avoid this upgrade to retain a working totem.

(break about missing totem.ui in totem-common@43)

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