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I installed Debian and it feels like I tried to install Windows 10 on a computer from 2006. Anything involving graphics in GNOME (like animations) are just like "lol nah"

So I try to get the proprietary NVidia drivers (the FIRST thing I try to install) and... "you have held broken packages"

...are Debian and derivatives just unviable for desktop use? apt is quite possibly the worst piece of popular Linux software I've used

*mentally noting which colleges I applied to host debian package mirrors*

So my desktop has been running Ubuntu since apparently January 3, and -mostly because I used a non LTS ubuntu- everything is bad and broken and there are no packages. Distro hopping to debian in progress...

Configured and compiled my first Linux kernel yesterday to fix snap support on the . I expected the kernel build process and tooling to be a pain but it’s actually very nice.

I also didn’t know this, but most distros keep your kernel source in /usr/src/linux so you can reconfigure and recompile it at will.

Highly recommended experience: I learned more about Linux internals than I did by installing Arch.

GNOME is a touch focused DE
Phones are touch focused devices

Gnome + Phones = smart

Why I want PureOS on my PinePhone ^

The development board I'm using only has hardware support for AES and someone told me to just always use CurVeS but I can't use CuRvEs because no one has a software library that works in MicroPython.

I'd just use TLS but apparently it has KBs of overhead, which will eat up my 1MB data plan very quickly. I'm sending around 16 bytes of data every 45 seconds or so.

This reads like an ad but I’m not popular enough to get paid for it... unless...

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Saved 87% by moving from Google App Engine to Vultr today. Significantly cheaper, the server is way faster, and I’m taking advantage of native elixir features like hot deploys to prod.

No “aUtO ScaLiNg” but I didn’t need that anyways, this server can handle orders of magnitude more requests/sec than it currently serves.

me: apt install erlang-esl elixir
one of those packages: *has dependency on multiple icon packs and possibly an x server*
me: ???

@ndegruchy It’s unfortunate but even something as simple as a calendar app takes a lot of effort to cover the edge cases and make it polished and powerful. Very rarely does open source make something as full featured, so companies are gonna do what they do (make money).

Notable exception: Blender

The native linux version of plague inc doesn’t work but the windows one on proton does... wat...

Ubuntu is simultaneously the most and least stable/polished distro I’ve used. On one hand it plays nice with other OSes installed, has very nice support for everything, and generally just works. On the other hand, sometimes GNOME Mines crashes GNOME and exits all the other apps I have open.

I just wanna play Minesweeper :(

Overheard today...

"So I Ubered to the Airbnb..."

there's an app for bitwarden and not 1Password

I deserve that one though so its okay

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I straight up just clicked "install" and everything else magically just worked.

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Don't want to jinx it, but I think installing ubports is *easier* than installing Android on my `deb`

I'm just going to leave this here with no context. Also, yes I am installing UBports right now.

I wanna mess around with configs and making GTK apps and Minecraft but I have college applications due in 5 days ;-;

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