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The year is 2019. There are still *zero* iOS notes apps that are end to end encrypted and let you draw things (i.e. aren't text only).

Did fosstodon get more popular recently? The local timeline is f a s t.

I think this is a good use of monopoly power, but having a monopoly manage everything doesn't sound like it will end well...

Now I'm me, and Apple's marketing department is legendary, but I'm pretty sure the biggest mistake Apple made was not pricing the monitor at $5999 and just including the stand.

People who thought $5000 is overpriced would think $6000 is overpriced, but then no one could make fun of them for releasing a $1000 monitor stand.

I'm writing a decently-sized project in golang. Initially I picked it just to make the desktop portion of the project, but I think I want to write the backend in Go now too. 🤔

I'm never going to get around to using Elixir/Phoenix.

When rm -rf takes 3 hours to delete 2GB of files... 🤔

The default install colors are light grey on light grey though. I have good vision and it was still hard to read.

The Ubuntu Server install works really well now. It even offers to get your SSH Public Keys from GitHub so you don't need to enable password SSH > copy id > disable it again.

Also, the default shell has pretty colors, the default wallpapers look nice, Anandtech routinely rates it as the most performant Linux, and the battery life is as good (if not better than) Fedora.

Weird candidate for "most usable Linux out of the box" - Clear Linux.

I had only one issue with setup making it twice as good as Fedora (two issues). As of an hour ago, they fixed that one issue I had, so now it's infinity% better.

I think I've said this before but I love the shared/dockless electric scooters idea and really want it to succeed.

It really sucks that people are destroying the scooters and throwing them in rivers :(

I think I'm going to try Clear Linux as a desktop OS. My laptop is basically all Intel (WiFi, CPU, GPU) so it should work well. 🤔

I just tried the Magic Leap. You have to look down to see things and it’s like wearing sunglasses indoors but it ran smoothly, the controller was decent, and the computer pack was lightweight.

Solid 5/10

I’m in DC and theres a restaurant here called “We The Pizza”

I know where I’m eating tomorrow.

Windows doesn't have enough precision in its audio volume settings. On GNOME, 20% is too quiet and 60% is too loud. On Windows, 1% is too quiet and 2% might wake up the neighbors.

The entire reason I play video games in WINE is so that my music works.

I’ve been on Mullvad VPN (Wireguard) for over a month straight and I just realized I forgot to turn it off.

A+ service would use again (also Wireguard is good)

I just read “end of the Heisei period” and I got it confused with Heian (平安) so I was very confused as to why it was talking about 2019 and not 800.

(The Japanese emperor stepped down on Tuesday.)

Neat FOSS I found today: Xournalpp

A maintained version of Xournal with full support for modern features (scaling, GTK themes, etc). I use it to annotate PDFs with a tablet/pen input, and it works really well!

ARM Clusters + Selfhosting: A Perfect Match?

(Quick comparison between ARM and x64 for , as well as a guide for how you can setup your own ARM cluster with a little bit of Unix-y knowledge).

I want to write a project with Elixir/Phoenix but every time I think of something web-y to do there's always an easier toolkit to use (Go, Python).

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