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I want to write a project with Elixir/Phoenix but every time I think of something web-y to do there's always an easier toolkit to use (Go, Python).

Librem One’s iOS app looks like they just rebranded Amaroq. Nothing wrong with that ofc, just pointing it out.

Docker is weird though. It just moved portainer from one node to the other, even though `docker ps` still shows it as running on the first node.

Very confuse.

Time to find out if ARM clusters are a good idea for self hosting...

Apple is removing all the cool stuff from MacOS.

Automator "will not work with future versions of MacOS"

AppleScript in many of the newer versions of apps is being severely limited

QuickTime doesn't know how to edit videos anymore (QT7 was the last one that could)


It's moving away from cool computer things to nice polished commercial software. :(

Overwatch released "Workshop" - which is kinda like Halo 3 Forge / Warcraft 3.

It's actually really good. I might play Overwatch again.

protip: thingiverse works way better with JS off

I don't even have a JS blocker, just for some reason it didn't load this time and it's a lot better.

Slight misspeak: I'm pretty sure the French government isn't using end to end encryption. That would be bad for transparency. Client <--> Server is good enough (TM).

An actual, real, major government (France) is using end to end encrypted, non-proprietary software (Matrix), and... oof.

I try not to say this because, hey, open source, if something is wrong I should fix it myself, but...

Matrix *isn't* good. We're blowing our chance to make government more secure and transparent through FOSS software. What government will want to adopt FOSS after hearing things like this?

"Works on Windows." Okay, it will probably work.

"Works on Mac." Okay, it will probably work.

"Works on Linux." May or may not work depending on your choice of OS, DE, various C(++) library versions, etc.

Yay, fragmentation.

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@Matter the solution is whatever is decide it is, since I’m the user. I have absolutely no inclination to mess around trying to bypass Google’s controls.

People say “iPhone is so locked down” where does that come from and have those people actually used iOS? There isn’t a single app I’ve been unable to use and I don’t use any Apple services, so the “walled garden” is complete rubbish.

I seriously can’t see myself ever going back to Android.


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@kev @Matter @murtezayesil

This conversation should be mandatory reading for all 12-15year olds.

Kids at school keep hatin iPhones or Android, depending on what they have. What we need to realize is that everyone has different needs.

I enjoy tinkering with my phone. So I got an android and Lin'd it. I got many iPhone friends who love the simplicity.

Use what you feel comfy with, sure, be open to suggestions, but IT'S YOUR DAMN PHONE.

That downloaded and installed in UNDER 10 minutes. I should have just done this from the start.

Also, Unity makes noises when you turn it on. :D

In other news, Parallels has a 30 second install wizard for Desktop Ubuntu so that's nice.

When the proprietary software *only* runs on Linux...

... but wait it only supports Ubuntu 14.04 and refuses to run on any other distro.

... and also it's a GUI tool that doesn't want to open in Docker

... and also it actually only supports 16.04 because why even write documentation?

Installing a Ubuntu VM now... :/

(The default rails static page that is.)

- using phoenix
- finds a cool ruby package
- decides to try out ruby
- the default static page loads in over 1ms


- goes back to phoenix

Ok I wrote a python script. You just want to run along the path of the door as fast as possible (assuming a constant rate). It gets easier as you get closer to the center though, because the arc it makes is moving slower.

It makes a parabola looking thing.

All good.

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