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That downloaded and installed in UNDER 10 minutes. I should have just done this from the start.

Also, Unity makes noises when you turn it on. :D

In other news, Parallels has a 30 second install wizard for Desktop Ubuntu so that's nice.

When the proprietary software *only* runs on Linux...

... but wait it only supports Ubuntu 14.04 and refuses to run on any other distro.

... and also it's a GUI tool that doesn't want to open in Docker

... and also it actually only supports 16.04 because why even write documentation?

Installing a Ubuntu VM now... :/

(The default rails static page that is.)

- using phoenix
- finds a cool ruby package
- decides to try out ruby
- the default static page loads in over 1ms


- goes back to phoenix

Ok I wrote a python script. You just want to run along the path of the door as fast as possible (assuming a constant rate). It gets easier as you get closer to the center though, because the arc it makes is moving slower.

It makes a parabola looking thing.

All good.

I need to solve this or I won't be able to go back to sleep :/

(all coordinates in polar)

So in other words, if you're at (1, pi/2) and you can't go past r = 1 or (1, pi/2 - m), what's the shortest distance to (x, 0) if you run at k units/sec?

dm/dt = f rad/sec

If you're really small and at the edge of a door that's about to crush you, and you can't run outward to escape the door, what's the optimal direction to run in?

Another bonus: I don't need to load in FA so the website loads faster.

Also I stayed up way too late working on this app... just a few more things to figure out and I’m good though.

Charles Proxy is my favorite RE tool. Why spend time reversing a binary when you can just *be* the client? It’s so easy and a huge timesave.

If they added programmable breakpoints (parse JSON and modify it programmatically) I would be so happy.

First, "send us your government documents", then "download this program to verify your computer", and now, this...

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@njha At least according to the specifications, XHTML is supposed to be parsed with a strict XML parser. It's possible that browsers don't always do that.

Yesterday I said that browsers should stop accepting malformed HTML, but people (rightfully) pointed out that for legacy reasons they can't do that.

Solution: Introduce a "strict-parsing" header (like the JS "use strict") which only allows properly formed HTML.

I know this is a super garbage question, but what tech stack should I be using to make a web app?

I'm looking for... (in this order)

1) code simplicity / I want to maintain as little code as possible
2) some sort of existing webapp that uses it (there are SO many frameworks with basically 0 users)
3) speed

I can pick up any language / framework quickly, so that isn't an issue.

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