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I have 11 domain names O_O

Time to figure out which ones I'm not going to renew...

That reminds me, I should buy a .dev domain name or two... goes to Vim goes to Emacs


I just got an ad for Facebook. I’m assuming whatever targeting thing they use is smart enough to figure out if they’re getting my data already, so I’ll take it as a good sign.


- Posting a request for someone to work on a commission (with some insanely low budget) gets you 20+ PMs in under an hour.

- The "high-profile"/skill artists are charging low prices (and have their commission lists backed up for months).

People need to value themselves more. (Or even just think about economics. Increase the price just enough so that you still have work, but also don't have 10 years worth of backlog.)

Get a vulnerable FW version while you still can! You don't need to install it just yet, but be sure to get it signed ASAP. It's always good to have the option of controlling your own device. (12.1.1b3 is vulnerable and still being signed)

Someone made a service that will store the signatures for you:

Or you can DIY:

Apple is signing a modern FW version that has a working, public exploit. What year is this?

easily the best feed reader (even better than the ones that aren't FOSS)

@fedibash printf %s\\n {Baby,Daddy,Mommy,Grand{p,m}a}\ Shark{" `echo doo{,,}{,}`"{,,},!}

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@fedibash python3 -c "for x in\"Baby\",\"Daddy\",\"Mommy\",\"Grandpa\",\"Grandma\":z=x+' Shark';print((z+' doo'*6+\"\\n\")*3+z+\"!\")"

Making slow and steady progress on my nixos configs.

Right now it runs nginx and gets a cert from LE. Next up backups, and then nextcloud.

Endgoal: one command to spin up a copy of the exact same server (in case of hardware failure)

spam filters are killing email

I feel like everyone is running SELECT * FROM EMAIL WHERE DOMAIN != to detect spam...

Oh boy, this is a *project*. There are packages for everything I want ( but Nix is... not easy (or at the very least not what I'm used to).

Also I should write/find a NixOS config that has all my services and backups. Then if my server dies I can spin up a new one with the exact same config, and then pull all the data down from backups.

Figure also was reduced dramatically by excluding "public" files that I can just get again later, and stuff that I have on git(hub, lab) anyway.

I thought it was going to cost ~$20/yr to backup all my files. Right now its looking more like 6 cents/month = 0.72 cents/year.

I should put my server on backups and start using nextcloud, still way under budget.

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