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Short of automatically making me a schedule, I think the only thing that can do all of that is a piece of paper :P

There are organizational systems that use Calendars (Date Based), Lists (Task Based), and Time Tracking (Time Based) systems.

I kind of wish there was software that let me do *all* of that.

I want to create tasks, set free time, have the computer automatically schedule tasks that don't have a set time, etc. AND be able to look at it in all forms.

Calendar view to know what I have to do on what day

Task view to organize different tasks by category (personal, school, etc)

This script exists because there are zero valid reasons for anyone to be snooping around in your old toots, so the toots shouldn’t be accessible in the first place.

# Delete your last 40 toots.

from mastodon import Mastodon
m = Mastodon(access_token = 'GET_FROM_SETTINGS', api_base_url = '')
l = m.account_statuses("GET_FROM_YOUR_PROFILE_URL", limit=40)
for x in l:

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Hi everyone! I've been on the Fediverse since March on a instance. That service closed a while ago and I finally got around to making a new account.

Other than that, I'm a high school student with an interest in decentralization, and what that means for privacy. I've been using as much FOSS software as possible for as long as I can remember, and I try to contribute to whatever I'm interested in and open source my own projects.


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