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You want to know how to not run a browser and lose the little market share you have left?
Ask Mozilla.

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I'm reading through @Ubports Marius Gripsgard's blog right now ( and just read that the Pine64 (single board computers, similar to Raspberry Pi's) are looking to create a phone as well!

Holy SHIT! This is awesome!

So... is a mature, open source link sharing website (like Reddit, @prismo, etc) that has an upcoming fork with ActivityPub compatibility. They're not sure if they want to run it on the main site, but if someone is willing to maintain a fork then we can have federated Reddit with some really robust transparency and ease of use features "out of the box"...

...and it uses Wayland so I can't even use xrandr unless I go back to the regular X Server

What was wrong with X anyway? :(

125/150% Scaling + HiDPI on Fedora 29 Gnome == Broken Fonts ;-;

Is anyone else's fosstodon login page randomly em português at times?

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Just learned about this feature: "% <term>" in the location bar searches for <term> through your open tabs. Nice!

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Fish 3.0 has been released and it supports && and || syntax. Cool, maybe some die hard bash users will give it a try now :D

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... Just started setting up my #Librem5 dev kit. Kinda psyched 😎... Thanks @Purism !!!

results are out! Finally in plat after a whole season of being stuck in silver. 🎉

is hard :(

Saw @rtwx try out and had to get it for myself. It’s real Linux on my phone! :D

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We will be deploying federation support later today, the service may be unavailable during this time. #pixelfed #helloFediverse

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Hi everyone! I've been on the Fediverse since March on a instance. That service closed a while ago and I finally got around to making a new account.

Other than that, I'm a high school student with an interest in decentralization, and what that means for privacy. I've been using as much FOSS software as possible for as long as I can remember, and I try to contribute to whatever I'm interested in and open source my own projects.


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