@rtwx dietpi also has pihole though? (through dietpi-software)

@nebunez yessss, we need more open source/multiplayer browser games

the only good one we have is Browserquest (and derivatives) which seem to die every few months

@brandon How about a timing attack to correlate voting and ID assignment to figure out who voted for who.

And yes, that's correct. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voter_ID

@brandon (I’m going to try to break your system, just for fun.)

So we generate a list of unique ids from voter registration. How do you assign them to people while having it be non-reversible? Hashes won’t work because lots of people have access to the voter registration database.

Voter ID can’t be verified because people in the US have no mandatory national ID. They basically just trust you.

Unless every eligible voter gets a keypair, and voting is done through some form of anonymous-yet-verifiable scheme, voting should be done on paper. Computers don't actually work when you need them to.

(Even that has it's own set of problems, like finding a place to securely store keys, keys effectively being a national ID card which some people don't like, how to prevent someone from phishing votes, etc etc. Basically, just use paper.)

"A major problem with the current voting paradigm is that the voting machines are privately owned. What kind of sense does it make for our voting infrastructure to be privately owned? This is insane because every time someone wants to inspect voting machines to ensure the results of an election, they’re rejected on the grounds that the software is proprietary."

- @zmitchell on lobste.rs

@vancha wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/L

If you really want the GUI I think you can run logitech options in WINE, but...

@ovigia You’re missing out on a better Mac terminal experience...

...if you use iTerm or Hyper.

They’re both visibly slower and gobble up battery. Terminal.app is the only viable terminal.

Has anyone figured out how to give users private keys (that they can actually use) yet?

Browser extension maybe?

@AMDmi3 Another reason why I use MacOS: there's a keyboard shortcut to search all the dropdown menus (File, Edit, View, etc).

This means that in GIMP and Photoshop, if I want a tool I just type the name of it.

It also makes using any unfamiliar application 1000x easier, as I just type synonyms of a word until I find the option that does what I want it to do.


this is professional-looking now, it used to be a random github repository with some files in it


This was pretty cool but is currently discontinued (it needs a maintainer).

It's basically a media player that stores *metadata* about music, and then figures out where to play it from based on the best possible linked source. (So if you like a song but can only find it on YouTube, but then later buy a FLAC from Bandcamp or whatever, then it will automatically switch over to that one.)

Basically, no lockin to a single music service.

Been living in a cloud of butterflies for the last few days. They fly around people (and don’t land or do anything annoying to humans) and look really cool.

I’d take a picture but it’s really hard to capture the feeling with one. I’m estimating somewhere around 1000 butterflies/min through a given square kilometer of space.

Cool and expensive solution:
Buy a harddrive and an ODroid HC2 ($300 total for 10TB if you use the bestbuy trick). Back everything up to B2 ($5/mo/TB) or to another drive ($300).

Cool and cheaper solution:
If you don’t have backups it’s cheap, but then you don’t have backups... just grab any VPS or dedicated server with storage and use it.

(Yes, I know the actual reason for the amount of webdevs is because of demand.)

html is the easiest (and therefore best?) ui library

no wonder most developers are webdevs

CSS is also super easy, just use flexbox and everything just works (TM)

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