@sir @amolith 👀 How long did it take you to gather that? Nearly every track I’ve listened to in the past 5 years is ~4.5k tracks/100% lossless.

The new Pokemon game also crashes Rokus on your local network because they don't understand the packet format that it sends out. Fun bug.


@JPEG Finally something to replace Amaroq with!

And I can vote in polls now 👏👏

@amolith is that pageloads? Seems maybe reasonable to me?

Has anyone got their Librem 5 yet? What happened to that?

@ataraxia937 iirc capital one uses the google play device modification prevention thing (safetynet?) so it won’t launch without gapps

@g Even without a customer facing camera, you’re paying with a credit card, so they 100% know who you are.

@amolith “The public” fully understands this. People don’t want to leave because Facebook provides a way for them to easily and passively keep up with old friends.

It’s also very hard (near impossible) to sustainably run Facebook, but with privacy, because then you’d need to charge people for service. (Any amount greater than $0 is too much friction.)

This is probably going to turn into a JS rant thread...

Why are all *FOUR* of the http libraries I used to use no longer maintained?

I have to write JS for a thing I'm making, but nothing is making sense and I *really* need types.

I enabled typescript but I have to write configuration to make it work so time to dig myself further into this hole instead 🤷

@blog Google using GCP data for advertisements and tracking would be news. This article is misleading.

@amolith @tagomago

> new domain

That sounds like the issue. Just have to send more mail to gmail people and have them mark it as non spam.

@eryn I'm conflicted between having lots of cool new shiny things (Arch, Void, NixOS) and having things actually work (Ubuntu, Fedora).

So, no idea :(

Might be time for me to switch off Clear Linux. It’s fast and has excellent battery life but installing packages is downright annoying.

@niconiconi The clear answer is that payments of any kind (even donations, yes) must use Google Play as the payment processor. Apple has the same policy. It’s not good but also not unprecedented.

@ataraxia937 @AppleStrudelMan there’s still plenty of data you can reconstruct from a dead body

Not existing in the first place: the real completely secure

@ataraxia937 That’s exactly what Apple did. Apps that asked for fingerprint still said “fingerprint” but the system popup still correctly said “face”

There’s no way they messed it up that badly... maybe...

@ataraxia937 The fingerprint auth popups are system popups, so they probably just changed the graphic to a face or something? Should work just fine.

Say what you want about blockchain, but I think giving a few billion dollars to random fans of cryptography / free software / decentralization was generally a good idea.

Blockchaining everything isn't a smart business move, but by convincing people that it is, we have a potential future where things are actually decentralized/federated/private.

I'm optimistic.

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