I think I'm going to try Clear Linux as a desktop OS. My laptop is basically all Intel (WiFi, CPU, GPU) so it should work well. 🤔

@gnupropaganda (flawed) Counterpoint: All Electron apps are open source by default because they run JavaScript, an interpreted language that’s easy to modify, and have easy to change HTML and CSS. You could probably build a tool that replaces the chromium blob with your own for best freedom(tm).

@mookie Yeah it really depends on where you live. For my city, Verizon is way better than everyone else. When I visited DC, Sprint was working a lot better.

It’s okay (for me) though because they all at least sort of work all the time, and that’s what matters.

@brandon That was me a few months ago; it only looks similar at first but once you get used to it you never get it confused.

It’s like Kanji (Chinese traditional characters in Japanese). You would think they’re basically unreadable but it’s actually not that bad.

@utf8equalsX Different take (If it's a business): Do none of the above. It doesn't matter.

If you're just making open source software and want to help the one person requesting the fix then add the workaround but add it to documentation called "Tech Debt" and remove it in a year.

I just tried the Magic Leap. You have to look down to see things and it’s like wearing sunglasses indoors but it ran smoothly, the controller was decent, and the computer pack was lightweight.

Solid 5/10

I’m in DC and theres a restaurant here called “We The Pizza”

I know where I’m eating tomorrow.

Windows doesn't have enough precision in its audio volume settings. On GNOME, 20% is too quiet and 60% is too loud. On Windows, 1% is too quiet and 2% might wake up the neighbors.

The entire reason I play video games in WINE is so that my music works.


> Fedora works for me, but is very bumpy and I'm looking for alternatives.

This sums up my experience as well. It's really nice but you have to try to avoid looking at the bugs :)

Oh well.

@popey Microsoft product launch videos have been really good lately (surface studio comes to mind).

I’ve been on Mullvad VPN (Wireguard) for over a month straight and I just realized I forgot to turn it off.

A+ service would use again (also Wireguard is good)

@Krypton All the time. What else would I write on? Digital pen input is too slippery so my lines and handwriting look really bad :(

@erikstl Well yes (Jellyfin) but actually no (all the alternatives are really bad).

There are exactly 0 good media streaming servers that have authentication I would feel safe putting on the public internet :(

I just read “end of the Heisei period” and I got it confused with Heian (平安) so I was very confused as to why it was talking about 2019 and not 800.

(The Japanese emperor stepped down on Tuesday.)

@brandon @elementary I was running running elementary apps just fine on Ubuntu a month ago? Did something change?

I actually think their UI fits really well with Gnome.

Neat FOSS I found today: Xournalpp

A maintained version of Xournal with full support for modern features (scaling, GTK themes, etc). I use it to annotate PDFs with a tablet/pen input, and it works really well!


@todd *for profit

Purism is still a (social purpose) *company*, no matter how much people pretend they aren't.

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