@Twelve There are two kinds of alternative OS:

1. Android Based
2. Not Android Based

You're much more likely to find the first kind, but the "downside" is that you're still on Android but without Google services. A lot of apps don't work without the Google services installed, but more or less your phone will work like normal.

The second category is becoming more viable lately (Sailfish, postmarketOS, etc) but you need to have very specific hardware for that (usually a Nexus 5/5X).

@pcrock I use Amaroq (because it's FOSS) but apparently Toot is better.

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Valve: latest Linux gaming work boosting AMD Vulkan framerates up to 44% (!)

Even in its infancy, this new shader compiler is resulting in a 44% framerate boost on certain AMD graphics cards.

In one particular DX11 game, it's even beating Windows even though the title isn't to be played natively on Linux (but via Proton / Steam Play).

==> forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelh

Major upsets in both games I follow 🤔

Best timeline.

What even was yesterday...

Albert (globally unranked player, top 3 Texas) beats Hbox (best player in the world) and Lucky (~18th global) in .

Shanghai Dragons (team which lost literally every match season 1) beats Vancouver Titans (best team in the league) in .

@mort file:// is still a trusted context like localhost? That's what I got from reading the Mozilla page.

http://localhost is also trusted and everything still works

@mooshoe What do you mean by scheduling software then? What I'm hearing is:

Person A creates a website with a bunch of possible times
People B-Z go to the website, type in their name, and select a time

which is Calendy

@mooshoe Like a Doodle/Calendy type thing? Or personal use?

@ataraxia937 Tutanota mail is only encrypted to/from other tutanota users though, right?

@codesections Pick whichever is cheapest (even if its a “for the first year” deal), call and threaten to cancel when the deal is about to end. Either they’ll give you the deal again or you find a deal on the other isp (there’s always at least one for new customers).

Repeat every year.

@amolith I found it pretty cool too, just a bit of an information/ui overload at times.

I really want to start building my own but there's actually no way I could start another project right now if I were to be the sole developer.

We still need an E2E encrypted social network. I don't even care about pure decentralization / federation at this point, centralized servers to send data through are fine as long as there's some pathway for people to run their own server or communicate directly.

Also I just realized that I use significantly less FOSS software than a few months ago... :(

I also signed up for LinkedIn and Snapchat to maintain connections with people who I'm not going to see in person for a long time. Still no Facebook though, and I hope I never have to get one.

I don't know if I'm reading too much into this or what, but I noticed a pattern:

- Contacting support from my home IP means that I get a good customer service rep, even when the company is known for having bad customer service.
- Contacting support from my phone or on university wifi is a mixed bag.

@fatboy and that’s why I deny everything that every app asks for

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As of yesterday #Microsoft's #DRM server is gone. If you have any ebooks through their store . . . bid them adieu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Users will be given refunds but the books themselves will no longer be readable. If you made notes on the titles, you'll get $25 credit as a, "we're sorry you'll no longer have access to the notes you took on all those books. Here's $25 and we'll call it even!"

#DefectiveByDesign is a campaign run by the #FSF to combat Digital Restrictions Management and they work to prevent this exact kind of thing from happening.

@aadil I did the same thing. If you want linuxy things grab iSH to get a shell on your phone.

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