This is open ended on purpose, play with whatever rules you want - just be sure to post!

Let's make bingo boards to predict what will happen at area 51 tomorrow!

- 5x5 grid
- middle is a free space
- Either post your bingo board itself or an image hash (if you want to keep it secret) within the next 6 hours. Use .
- Winners get a sense of pride and accomplishment.

@ajroach42 gnome actually works decently well on touchscreens

@ohyran @brandon noted the satire, but a serious response:

I think "just works" means that the end result of the changes you need to make aren't annoying. :)

Everything involves the user changing; I'm pretty sure it's impossible to design a UI for a nontrivial product without some user learning.

@brandon Hitting control + space by accident? You can turn that off (or rebind) in sysprefs > keyboard. I put my language switcher on the touch bar since control and space in Minecraft breaks things.

Also for the trackpad thing, it should be fine normally... if there's a specific gesture you don't like you can turn it off in syspref > trackpad.

These hashes existed as of Sunday, September 8 @ 6:23 PM.




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alternative Mastodon front-ends 

@silverwizard The creator of Ripcord is nice. You should ask if they would consider an ARM version.

@silverwizard It's closed source, but Ripcord ( - a desktop client for Slack and Discord - uses basically zero resources compared to the web client.

"AP Style" is to "Real AP Questions" as "Kraft Cheese Product" is to "Cheese"

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This one is more reasonable though. The Google one was 🤯

Another story of very in depth vertical integration:

Minecraft on Windows, plugins developed for using VSCode with code hosted on GitHub, server software deployed on Azure

@dvl Ouch, that's unfortunate.

You can gain access to their account if they listed anyone as a trusted contact. Then it's as easy as a data export.

@bash FOSS on iOS is nonexistent. Apple Mail is pretty good and they claim to not collect information from it. That’s as good as it’ll get.

My server just died and every command complains of “input/output error”.

Rebooted and it’s okay now but... 🤔

@neildarlow oh no, it’s not necessarily a good thing - just something I noticed

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