So I added Korean and Spanish to my language input list and then removed them a while later. Two months have passed and...

`locale` in terminal shows all is well too (en_us-UTF8)

maybe a long shot but does anyone else on macos have this issue?

I'm trying to automate my blinds with a motor I found and an .

Obviously the motor doesn't fit the blinds, so 3d printing to the rescue!

Mastodon does work
on this pretty cool OS
although not graphics

125/150% Scaling + HiDPI on Fedora 29 Gnome == Broken Fonts ;-;

results are out! Finally in plat after a whole season of being stuck in silver. 🎉

is hard :(

Saw @rtwx try out and had to get it for myself. It’s real Linux on my phone! :D


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